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“Having cooked myself for more than thirty years, and having taken cooking courses myself, I cannot imagine a better way to learn about the entire process. Ms. Hinckley showed my son that the art of cooking, whether a simple and quick lunch for oneself, or an elaborate dinner party for friends, can be a rich, healthy, and enjoyable experience.” Parent, Class of 2005

“The Young Chefs of Seattle cooking camp was absolutely fantastic for my 13 year old son. Max had never really done any cooking before the camp but was interested in learning, at least theoretically. Well, the camp far exceeded his and our expectations. He returned home each evening, physically tired but mentally energized by what he had been learning and doing. He was having fun – and discovering that he actually could cook and, even better, enjoyed it! Since then, our family has been the happy beneficiary of Max’s cooking. His Grandma frequently asked Max to fix his special quesadillas and we all love eating them.” Parent, Class of 2007

My teenage son took this course in the summer of 2003. He returned home after each session bubbling with enthusiasm for what had been done that day and what had been learned, and was raring to go the next day. In addition to being a 100% hands-on experience, each student received extremely well thought out written materials covering the many aspects of cooking including nutrition, making grocery lists and shopping, preparation and presentation. This information enabled these beginning chefs to feel comfortable and capable in every phase of the process. There is so much depth to the materials in the handbook each received that even the most experienced chef will find them useful, and they are likely to be treasured life-long. Ms. Hinckley has masterfully selected recipes and presented them in ways that anyone who reads them (and the teenagers avidly did), can clearly understand, practice and complete them.” Parent, Class of 2003

“My son had a blast daily and came home cooking, having learned skills that immediately provided pleasant sustenance and that he can build on for years to come. The meal they prepared and elegantly served to parents after the last day of class was fantastic enough to please a gourmet critic. The table was formally set and the dinner was luscious: proudly served by the children and enjoyed by all – just a few of the many rewards for the fortunate beneficiaries of the course.” Parent, Class of 2006

After attending this class, my son taught me how to make dishes that have become family favorites, like crepes, enchilada pie, and a cheese sauce. His improved kitchen skills and confidence have led him to try other recipes. Monica knows food, cooking and how to teach it. And on top of that, she makes it all fun!” Parent, Class of 2009

I am so happy with the results of your instruction/class. My daughter is quite confident in the kitchen now and has made several dinners.” Parent, class of 2010

"I cannot tell you how your class peaked her interest in cooking, but even more than that, built her self-esteem.” -Parent, Class of 2012

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